Humans Are Beautiful

Humans are beautiful. I was basically raised by cats; this is an odd thing to think. I was bullied. At school. At home. Yes, there were moments of friendship, and love, and guidance…from people. But cats were consistent. Two consecutive cats, who each died too soon, taught me about trust and understanding that can be built on from one interaction to the next. You care about me, and I care about you. I’m learning you. Cats make me feel seen: the way they stare extra long when you’re sad, and move more slowly when you’re anxious…Humans make me feel like I’m not enough. They rip my heart out and drop kick it over the horizon. And it’s my fault for being too sensitive, too open, too careless…Usually I’m in a permanent state of horror and anxiety about what we’re doing to the planet. Humans: we’re a virus. But look at us: we’re trying. My neighbors mow my front lawn and I mow theirs. I need someone to need me and a writer asks me to draw for them. Someone figured out how to make a YouTube algorithm to play the music I need when I need it. And here we all are, singing songs to each other. Sharing our gifts with each other. A constant effort. An endless bounty.

Published by msdeer

I am an interdisciplinary artist, slightly incognito here.

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