A Fundamental Disagreement

This was the moment, if I had any agency as a toddler, I would have walked away from my family. I disagreed with my father–I mean really locked horns. Our farmer friend had given me a lamb to keep as a pet. Maybe he was even the same lamb I cradled as a newborn thatContinue reading “A Fundamental Disagreement”

A Mystery

I spent most of my childhood in a shy bubble. I was so slow to learn to talk, people started to worry. And when I did talk, it was at select times, to select few. I lived on the sidelines; sometimes it was comfortable there, watching. Often I pined for the world that whirred alongContinue reading “A Mystery”

Just a Dream

I had a dream about New Zealand. A dream so realistic I didn’t realize it was a dream; I thought it was a memory, and stored it as such. The beginning of childhood proper in America, the end of toddlerhood in New Zealand; I’d checked lots of memories with my older brother by this stage.Continue reading “Just a Dream”

Touching Tongues

When we were three, maybe four, five at the oldest, my best friend Annabelle and I decided we should “touch tongues”: her words, her idea. She’d seen her older sister and a boyfriend doing it. They seemed to really enjoy it; she figured we’re friends, we should give it a go. We sat facing eachContinue reading “Touching Tongues”