Humans Are Beautiful

Humans are beautiful. I was basically raised by cats; this is an odd thing to think. I was bullied. At school. At home. Yes, there were moments of friendship, and love, and guidance…from people. But cats were consistent. Two consecutive cats, who each died too soon, taught me about trust and understanding that can beContinue reading “Humans Are Beautiful”

Sinead, Again

At the sink just now. Humming ‘Nothing Compares to You’. It’s everyone’s favorite Sinead O’Connor song except mine. Prince wrote a pretty song for a pretty girl. And she made it her own because that voice, and that spirit. But her other songs–the ones she wrote–they are a whole world. I remember listening to SineadContinue reading “Sinead, Again”

The Devil’s Tears

Memorizing a monologue from a play: the nostalgic musings of a discouraged prostitute. I’m thinking about how almost everything in life is a negotiation. And these words from a song are stuck in my head on a loop: He said “I am the devil, boy, come with meAnd we’ll make many storms”He offered me theContinue reading “The Devil’s Tears”

Barcelona, Part Two

After the day…Standing in a crowd, watching a busker with a full drum kit play along to Smells Like Teen Spirit; up front, a stooped older couple swayed to the beat with linked arms, faint smiles. Admiring them with my boyfriend. Waiting to cross the street behind a young man boldly wearing a band tourContinue reading “Barcelona, Part Two”

Nothing In Between

We had a record collection stored in an antique wooden sideboard, spilling into messy piles on top. You had to be careful with the turntable: it was expensive, and the tip was made of diamond. I would sift through these records when I was between activities: chores and company, school and dinner. There were aContinue reading “Nothing In Between”

The Show Must Go On

Sardinia, Italy, sitting on a girl’s bed with an Italian-English dictionary open between us. She was eighteen. I was a year older. She lived with her Grandma, next door to my friend’s father. I was just visiting. My friend: we were supposed to be moving to California. But our friendship was imploding. I’d been leaningContinue reading “The Show Must Go On”

Something in the Way

New York City, early nineties. I was going to school, and listening to a lot of bands. I was almost a grown-up. And we were all going to be rocks stars when we grew up. Right? Or actors. Or artists. Astronauts. Soccer stars…And when you’re becoming something you aren’t yet, people watch you try, andContinue reading “Something in the Way”