I can do better

Looking at real estate online. Thinking about moving, thinking about selling. Wondering if I can afford it. Wondering where to go. And then I’m at the kitchen counter chopping an apple over the slab of granite I sourced and haggled over and helped wrestle into the back of my ex’s pick-up. It sat in theContinue reading “I can do better”

I Just Keep Drawing

I noticed I keep drawing the same face–the same young woman–yesterday working on an illustration. And I wondered who she is. Sometimes I draw friends or lovers. But this is a face I don’t recognize. Drawing is like dreaming, when you get it right, when you’re in the flow…So ‘who is this?’, I wondered. WhenContinue reading “I Just Keep Drawing”

I Keep Dreaming

I keep dreaming of a place. High cliffs, ocean. Water so clear you can see whales meandering, like they’re picking groceries off shelves, checking prices, reading ingredients, above tangles of seaweed, rocks and shells, smaller fish…Last night, I was on the beach, at the water’s edge. Fast-moving clouds blocked the sun. The ocean was opaque:Continue reading “I Keep Dreaming”

Just a Dream

I had a dream about New Zealand. A dream so realistic I didn’t realize it was a dream; I thought it was a memory, and stored it as such. The beginning of childhood proper in America, the end of toddlerhood in New Zealand; I’d checked lots of memories with my older brother by this stage.Continue reading “Just a Dream”

The Show Must Go On

Sardinia, Italy, sitting on a girl’s bed with an Italian-English dictionary open between us. She was eighteen. I was a year older. She lived with her Grandma, next door to my friend’s father. I was just visiting. My friend: we were supposed to be moving to California. But our friendship was imploding. I’d been leaningContinue reading “The Show Must Go On”