This morning drinking coffee, reading emails. Jobs I don’t want. Stuff I should buy. Publisher’s Clearing House, telling me to head over to their website and play their games like I did yesterday, for a minute. A couple of minutes. Just enough time to enter the sweepstakes: $7,000 a week for life. And I thought:Continue reading “Daily”

I Just Keep Drawing

I noticed I keep drawing the same face–the same young woman–yesterday working on an illustration. And I wondered who she is. Sometimes I draw friends or lovers. But this is a face I don’t recognize. Drawing is like dreaming, when you get it right, when you’re in the flow…So ‘who is this?’, I wondered. WhenContinue reading “I Just Keep Drawing”

This Old Thing

I’m wearing the sweatshirt I stole from my older brother back when I was young enough to do that kind of thing. He was away at college. It’s black with cut-off sleeves; they’re frayed now. There used to be a stencil on the back–his design–a combination horse’s butt and beer bottle in white paint withContinue reading “This Old Thing”