No One Knows

I have two cats buried in the yard. And another’s ashes on my shelf. For him, I planted catnip and catmint everywhere. The garden makes me miss him. Now it draws cats from far and wide. They appear like magic, from under the raspberries, from a patch of lettuce….All I want is to pat them,Continue reading “No One Knows”

Humans Are Beautiful

Humans are beautiful. I was basically raised by cats; this is an odd thing to think. I was bullied. At school. At home. Yes, there were moments of friendship, and love, and guidance…from people. But cats were consistent. Two consecutive cats, who each died too soon, taught me about trust and understanding that can beContinue reading “Humans Are Beautiful”

Everything Is New

Driving across the causeway in Deer Isle, Maine: an island connected to the mainland by an old green bridge, sandbars, and causeways. I was thirty-nine. I’d just arrived. The pets would come later, by plane. I spent nearly ten years of childhood summers a few hours south in Boothbay Harbor. But this place: I didn’tContinue reading “Everything Is New”