The Sky Next Door

Occasionally, between age seven and twelve, I hung out with the lady in the little house next door. I don’t remember her name. There was something Joni Mitchell-like about her: delicate features and big teeth and long blonde hair and arty mystique. Sometimes alone and sometimes with my brother, I’d marvel at how our neighborContinue reading “The Sky Next Door”

We Used to Know

My older brother and I: we were dialed into the same channel. And there was a time in earliest childhood that felt like a consensus, a world. We were so close in age–just a year and a half between us–navigating the perplexities of post-womb life. And we seemed to know that. When I crossed theContinue reading “We Used to Know”

Touching Tongues

When we were three, maybe four, five at the oldest, my best friend Annabelle and I decided we should “touch tongues”: her words, her idea. She’d seen her older sister and a boyfriend doing it. They seemed to really enjoy it; she figured we’re friends, we should give it a go. We sat facing eachContinue reading “Touching Tongues”