The Devil’s Tears

Memorizing a monologue from a play: the nostalgic musings of a discouraged prostitute. I’m thinking about how almost everything in life is a negotiation. And these words from a song are stuck in my head on a loop:

He said “I am the devil, boy, come with me
And we’ll make many storms”
He offered me the universe
But inside my heart there’s a picture of a girl

A beautiful, sad song, sung by Angus and Julia Stone; they’re twins. They’ve known each other since the womb, I think. And I’m a little jealous, but mostly swept up in the beauty of that: the constancy, the permanence. Nothing to negotiate: it just is. They just are. And then he sings: she’s my home.

Published by msdeer

I am an interdisciplinary artist, slightly incognito here.

One thought on “The Devil’s Tears

  1. Addendum: Why did I think they were twins? She’s a little over a year older than him. So, almost, but not quite. But still: family, constancy….


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