Oregano, Mother

Making a tuna melt. It’s not really a tuna melt, because there’s no cheese. I’m a vegan who sometimes eats fish and sometimes also cheese, but never in tuna melts. It is what it is. (You can laugh. I do.) I decide to change up the seasoning: sprinkled oregano. And I’m reminded of my mother, again. That was her grilled cheese signature: a dash of oregano. And I miss her, so much. I miss the idea of her. Mothers are such a wonderful idea. But it will never be like that. A shiver of a thought: she doesn’t love me. I can hear her now: I saw your blog. You know that’s not true. I’m your mother. Of course I…will always care for you. But she won’t say ‘love’. And I probably won’t, either.

Published by msdeer

I am an interdisciplinary artist, slightly incognito here.

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